Today is the first day of the rest of my life (corny eh?)

Pilates first thing….during the first day of retirement.  Have to be good before I can be bad as hell.

Now, done with that, I am off to me my friend Les (girl not boy) for my birthday and retirement luncheon.  We had cocktails just like a ladies luncheon would do and then a beautiful lunch. Yum.

Then back to 1001 Dalmations (I am avoiding using our real street name to protect the innocent and the not so innocents.  Afterall, ‘There Goes the Neighborhood’ sometimes will be about the characters, and trust me, TRUE characters that live here.

Out to the garden to dream and think and read and nap (and sometimes garden, but not after cocktails).  That was the rest of the day.

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My Last Day

Is TOMORROW!  And I will be retired and hopefully write the book I’ve always intended!

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There goes the neighborhood – the beginning of a long tale of the good and bad of Scarlett Malone

Today is the first day, the first day to start to write SOMETHING, not sure yet, but I am ready to let her rip!

Dave and I thought we’d start the day out right and take a walk which involves all kinds of questions, dialogue and sometimes quietness.  Today, we walked out the back door and I asked him as I pointed to a rose, “what is that called” thinking he would not know or just ignore me in his very kind and nice way.  :).

He said, “why that is a Wild Rose.”

I was ecstatic he would remember!  I said, “how did you remember that?”

He looked at me, with his man grin, “because you are a Wild Rose too.”


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